"Karen has done a great job of organizing material. I feel like I’m on an exciting ride. Each lesson has purpose and leads you to something deeper and greater. She is simplifying a great education in art into small snippets making it easy and enriching for the beginner and advanced artist alike. I’ve taken several color classes but this took it to a new level of understanding. The way Karen has created the lessons makes it easy to join in without intimidation." -Terry N.

“The class opens you up to the wonder of color and encourages you to be bold and creative…” -Miki

“The class is fun! Good to know you don’t have to buy all those different tube colors, only the few key colors for this class. Mix dark colors into the light ones a little at a time is my new best tip!” -Leslie

“The class is easy to follow, encouraging and applicable to all skill levels. Non-intimidating to start painting whether a novice or trying a new style.” -Celia