FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take the courses if I am a total beginner?

A: Yes, the courses are designed to encourage beginners, with plenty of captioned videos you can pause at any time to take a few notes or try the technique right then and there!

Q: Do I need to take the courses in numerical order?

A: I encourage everyone to start with the Free Intro class and then the #1 Color Mixing Class which is essential. The classes are designed to take in order because you will be building on skills and techniques a few at time as you proceed through the classes.

Q: Why should I create the Color Journal?

A: You can benefit from recording your painting progress, storing important instruction pages, and writing the creativity quotes to inspire you later. Once you begin to fill up the pages, it becomes a testament to your artistic self to enjoy in days to come. New ideas come from painting more and more!

Q: Is there an age limit to students taking the courses?

A: A motivated young person who enjoys art should be able to benefit from the courses, perhaps around age 12 and up. It depends on the person. At the upper age range, the sky is the limit!

Q: Can I take the class with a friend?

A: I encourage you to invite a friend to join you in a painting project! It’s always fun to compare how each person expresses themselves through painting. Get a nice big table and spread out your supplies!

Q: How long does each class take to finish?

A: In our test group, the students could finish a class in about 2-4 hours at one sitting. Some preferred to take more time, however. I recommend taking about one class a week. There is no pat answer, you can work completely at your own pace.

Q: How can I ask questions or see how other people are doing in a class?

A: There is a private Facebook group set up for this very purpose. You can upload jpegs (photos or scans) of your work to share. Karen will check frequently for questions to answer from Monday through Friday and occasionally weekends too!

Q: How do artists with previous painting experience benefit from the classes?

A: The classes are designed to allow all kinds of creative people to grow in their color, design and painting skills. Experienced artists have really enjoyed the classes!

Q: Is it true I only need to buy 7 tubes of paint for the classes?

A: Absolutely yes. The #1 Color Mixing Class will show you how to mix the 12 colors on the Pure Color Wheel, and from there you will have all you need to make more and more painting mixtures and colors. Don't forget to spray them with a mist of water now and then and close the lids of your containers nice and tight!